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Why you need help with PR​

Legal PR often refers to one, or both, of the following areas:  

Legal PR

Many law firms, as well as lawyers, attempt to use PR to get their messages across and help them win new business. Engaging effectively in PR - through all its channels, including social media - and gaining the best possible outcomes requires a deep level of experience and specialist knowledge.

Litigation PR

The media’s interest in litigation is on the rise, mainly focusing on claims involving high profile clients or headline grabbing news. Public opinion is of no less importance, and some may say even of greater importance, than the final outcome reached in the judicial courts. Parties to ongoing litigation, or those facing potential litigation, increasingly hire specialist legal PR consultancies to work alongside their legal teams, often from day one. 

How Burlington Sage can help you

We can help build your public and media brand by creating and seizing media opportunities that are right for you. Our expert legal PR practice aims to successfully manage the media to safeguard your reputation against potential threats or damage.

We work as a cohesive team directly with our clients to help maximise their legal opportunities and, ultimately, achieve a successful outcome. Together, we assist them in shaping the conversations in the public domain and influencing the media’s perceptions and, thus, the general public’s. We inject a positive narrative into the public domain and use innovative PR tools to help them and their legal teams. We will help, for example, create an environment conducive to commencing settlement negotiations, either earlier in the process or on more favourable terms. 

With us, you will avoid the potential risks inherent in working with PR generalists, who may fail to follow court procedure rules, resulting in potential contempt of court or other issues stemming from mishandling the media.